The Pulse-Robotics team is building upon its years of experience in robotics, game development, manufacturing, psychology, cognitive science, theater, character development and art. The result of this strong cross discipline experience is a team that can efficiently design social robots for a variety of domains. One key to this efficiency is the Pulse-Core platform. Pulse-Core provides both development tools and a runtime platform that allows engineers, animators, writers, voice talent, programmers, character leads and roboticists to work together as a seamless team. Our cloud-based development platform works particularly well for the far flung,international development, human factors, marketing and manufacturing teams that are required to get world class results.

Social robot development is a particularly challenging effort. It requires all of the knowledge of conventional robotics but adds many new and challenging layers. Many of these new layers are virtually unknown in the robotics community. We have spent many years working out new systems and tools to bring social robots to life.

It is our intent to license Pulse-Core technology to OEMs and other development groups in the future.

Our goal is provide the cost-effective tools and core electromechanical systems to allow a small, smart team to develop sophisticated social robots for any application.