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All Pulse-Robotics robots are powered by our powerful and innovative Pulse-Core engine.

September 17, 2010 - BOCOLAB wins first place in the Idaho Triennial!

Pulse-Robotics is delighted to announce that the BOCOLAB team has taken first place in the Idaho Triennial. The team worked incredibly hard to bring this very complex robotic installation to life. This was an amazing collaborative effort with people from around the state and across the world pitching in to make this happen. First place in the Triennial comes with an additional benefit -- BOCOLAB will get its own exhibition. Our collaborators and volunteers need to rest up as we have a lot of art to create in preparation for this show.

Next week the tours begin at the Boise Art Museum and school children from all over the Treasure Valley will be visiting the Museum and seeing our "Objects with Empathy" exhibit. This may  be one of the few times that they will see beautiful, leading edge art and advanced robotics working together to explore the future relationship between humans and our machines. This could be the moment in a child's life where they realize that pursuing a career in technology doesn't mean that they have to give up their creative, artistic side -- rather they can embrace both sides of their being. These are the employees that we all want to hire in the next decade and now is the time for all of us show them an inspiring future! Please consider joining Pulse-Robotics in donating to the Corpus Callosum foundation which was founded by artists and scientists to further the integration of art & science. Corpus Callosum is a not for profit Boise State University Foundation.

BOCOLAB and the Idaho Triennial Art Show

Pulse-Robotics is the major sponsor of the BOCOLAB collaborative art project "Objects with Empathy" / "Evolved Tableau" which was selected for inclusion in the Idaho Triennial, a juried art show hosted by the Boise Art Museum (BAM) through December 4th.

The BOCOLAB page has information on the project, the volunteers and videos of the robots in action.

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